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What are the treatments for Middle Back Pain?

Middle Back Pain Treatments

Middle back pain treatments is a chronic problem for many people. The mid-back pain can interfere with work, sports and family activities. Because pain in the middle back can be due to a variety of causes, careful diagnosis is critical to finding the right treatment. A number of treatments are available that include medication, physical therapy and surgical relief.

Problems of Middle Back Pain

Pain in the middle back can be difficult to diagnose. Though the patient may feel the pain as centering in the back, the problem can originate in other organs of the body. For example, gall bladder pain can radiate to the middle of the back. Vascular problems of the heart can also be felt as back pain. In fact, women often feel a heart attack as pain in the middle of the back rather than in the heart itself. Problems in the development of the bones of the spine can cause mid-back pain. The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons cites stress fractures called spondylolysis can cause mid-back pain in children. Compression of the vertebrae of the spine can cause pain anywhere in the back from the neck downward. This mid-back pain is a common problem in office workers who spent long hours in the same position working at computers. In older people, arthritis can affect any of the bones along the spine. Herniated discs of the middle spine are a common problem in the adult population.

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Diagnosis of Middle Back Pain

Orthopedic physicians use x-rays, MRI and CT scans to determine if the problem is cause by the bones or discs of the spine. However, If the problem is cause by other conditions of the internal organs, laboratory tests and MRIs can help to diagnose the source of the pain.

Conventional Treatments

After ruling out other cause of mid-back pain, orthopedists generally prescribe anti-inflammatory medications to help relieve inflammation and manage pain. Heat and ice treatments may be use to relieve pain and calm inflammation in the tissues of the back. Muscle relaxants can aid in pain relief and allow patients to engage in normal activities. Steroid injections can also help to relieve pain and inflammation in the mid-back area. If the problem is a bulging disc, surgery is done to remove damage tissue and re-position the disc to relieve pain. Also by wearing wrong shoes Physical therapy is often needed to strengthen the supporting muscles of the back. The patient may also be teach to do exercises on his own to prevent further weakness of back muscles in the future.

Alternative Middle Back Pain Treatments

A variety of adjunct therapies are use to treat pain in the middle back. Acupuncture, an ancient Asian method of using fine needles inserted into the body at nerve pathways to block pain and can be very helpful in relieving pain. Chiropractic manipulation, in which the bones of the spine are moved into better alignment is found to aid in a variety of back problems. Chiropractors may also use other methods to treat mid-back pain such as massage electro-stimulation. Heat and Many people find that exercise such as yoga which stretches the muscles of the back in specific movements. It can help to increase strength in back muscles and relieve pressure on the structures of the spine. However, some people should not get chiropractic treatment such as those taking blood-thinning medications. People with osteoporosis and people with spinal cord compression.

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