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Can Wearing the Wrong Sports Shoes cause Back Pain?

Wrong sports shoes, If the foot function is not optimized, in other words, if something is not quite right with your feet whenever you walk for very long distances, stand for a long time or exercise (on your feet), this can affect your entire body and could easily cause a physical injury not only in feet or even the lower limbs but also in the back.

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You would be surprised how many problems could be solved and pains designed to disappear by wearing the correct sports footwear.

Every time you slam your foot on the ground you send a shockwave through your body. Shock-waves, when repeated and never properly absorbed are damaging to joints (ankles, knees, and spine). A great sports shoe helps absorb the shockwave while normalizing foot function. Many joggers have back pain since they are wearing the wrong athletic shoes!

Differing people have different feet and especially when they exercise, they need to wear the right shoes within the right size. For those who have high-arched feet they are rigid and you need shoes with more cushioning. If you have low-arched or flat feet they are too flexible and you need a more rigid shoe (motion-control) to hold the foot in place and avoid injury. Wearing the right shoes will protect not only you. But your ankles, your knees, your hips and also your entire back.

Additionally, you need to wear the right shoe for the right sport if you want to avoid injury minimizing the probability of lower back pain. wrong sports shoes. Running sneakers are not mean for playing squash. For example, they are not design for the same type of surface or even the same kind of moves. Take time to go to a specialized store and ask for advice. Specialized sports shops usually have knowledgeable salespeople. Let them guide you.

Size is just like important – Sports shoes shouldn’t be too tight or too loose. High Heels can also cause pain as well. You should be able to wiggle your toes and there ought to be a whole thumb-width between the longest toe and the end of the shoe. And the heel should not slip and rub whenever you run or walk.

Sports shoes wear – Should you train with “old” sports shoes, regardless of how comfortable they are. They are not doing as they specified for stability, cushioning and motion-control. Failing to replace sports footwear in time is a major cause of injury. If you exercise very often, you ought to have two pairs of shoes and alternate them. If you exercise greater than twice a week and just play one pair of trainers. It is advisable to replace them each year. If you exercise two to three times each week, it is advisable to change your trainers at least every 2 years.

Buying a branded shoes can help easily. And lots of shoes showroom has professional adviser that can help you to choose right shoes for your precious feet.  wrong sports shoes. Lots of them measures your feet size and suggest you a shoe that can gives right space for toes. And fingers as well as comfortable to walk or running. A good sports shoe is expensive but worthwhile.

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