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Can Alcohol Help Your Back Pain?

A lot of people claim that they think more relaxed or numb as soon as the “buzz” of a few drinks hits their system. But does this mean that alcohol might help relieve back pain? Others report that they receive an rise in back pain when they enjoy an alcoholic beverage. What’s really taking place here?

To be honest, it truly depends upon what the reason for your back pain is. If the pain is a result of a tense or contracted muscle that’s putting pressure about the Sciatic nerve, for instance, alcohol consumption might actually help.

One example is, I used to have problems with Piriformis syndrome that is a tense muscle in the pelvis that cause pain by crushing the Sciatic nerve. I discovered that an occasional drink would actually help to relax the muscles in my body and release the tension in my Pirifomris.

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Now, this is simply not a reason to abuse alcohol. If you are suffering from pain caused by muscle tension. The result of to handle this by naturally loosening the muscles and releasing the stress. The simplest way to do this is by extending the muscles and helping these to relax.

Relying on alcohol to treat lower back pain in this manner is much like using painkillers to treat lower back pain. You don’t really take care of the underlying problem, you’re just temporarily eliminating this. Never use alcohol as a “solution” for your lower back pain problem.

However, some people also complain of lower back pain that happens when they consume alcohol.

Alcohol also can cause inflammation within you too, which in turn can promote back pain. In this way, alcohol can be a two pronge sword. On one hand, it can help to relax muscles, but simultaneously, it may promote inflammation.

The story doesn’t end there though.

Now, I’m not a medical professional which means you should probably speak to your doctor about this. However, I know that people can develop kidney stones which can hurt like this.

Your kidneys are located in your lower torso and pain inside your kidneys can easily be mistaken for a general pain in your back.

Alcohol provides a diuretic, which means that it makes you have to urinate. At these times, your kidneys produce more urine. But if there is an obstruction inside your kidneys such as a kidney stone that might interfere with the production of urine, then you could experience pain.

If this is explanation for your pain. Then other fluids such as coffee should also cause back pain to provide itself.

There might be other causes to your pain as well. It can be hard to identify the cause of upper back pain not understanding more details on both you and your lifestyle and all around health. You should seek the advice of your doctor to get a better understanding about what is behind the pain sensation. Again, alcohol should not be use in an effort to treat pain. Or to deal with any sort of health problem you may be suffering from.



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