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Pain in Middle of Back – Causes

Pain in Middle of Back – Causes

Pain that strikes in the middle of a patient’s back is called thoracic pain. Like pain in the upper part of the back and the lower part of the back, pain in middle of back is one of the leading causes of Americans taking time off from work. According to National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases, pain in middle of back can be dull and throbbing or sharp with a burning sensation. The good news is that thoracic back pain isn’t as common as lumbar or lower back pain because the spine in the area is a bit more rigid since it attaches to a patient’s ribcage. Nearly everyone will have at least one episode of some kind of back pain in his or her lifetime. Here are some common causes of middle back pain:






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Herniated Disc

Vertebrae have cushioning disc between them. Sometimes because of injury, overweight or even unknown reasons, the disk bulges and presses against the spinal nerve which causes pain. Because the nerve also runs into the arms and legs and other areas of the body like the abdomen and this can cause pain in those areas as well. Other symptoms besides pain are stiff or aching muscles or weakness in the limbs. If you think you may be experiencing pain from a herniated disc, these exercises may help.


People know that sudden strenuous movement or lifting heavy objects can “throw their back out.” This results in a sprain in the back muscles including the latissimus dorsi muscles. The best way to prevent this kind of back pain is to learn how to lift objects properly. The person should lift from his or her hips and legs and not from the back muscles. The feet should be planted the width of the shoulders, the knees should be bent and the object should be held close to the body. The person should ask for help if the object is simply too heavy like a toilet bowl or a sink.

Check out more information on how to lift properly.

Curvatures of the Spine

Curvatures of the spine can also cause pain in middle part of your back. Curvatures include scoliosis where the spine is curved into an exaggerated S shape. Scoliosis is common in teenagers. Kyphosis is a condition where the upper spine curves abnormally. It’s also known as dowager’s hump. Lordosis is where the lower spine curves inward.

Other Causes of Pain in Middle of Back

Some people get midback pain because they have conditions like rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease that affects the joints and other bodily systems. No one really knows what causes it and even diagnosing the disorder is uncertain. The more common osteoarthritis happens when the cartilage between the joints begins to break down. This also causes pain and swelling that restrict movement. Osteoarthritis is often a function of the wear and tear of age.


Midback pain can strike anyone but is more common in older people. This is especially true of people who suffer from osteoporosis. This is when the bone loses density and sometimes to the point where it fractures. If the fractures happen in the thoracic spine, the result can be pain in middle of back.

Spinal stenosis is another age related condition where the spinal canal narrows. This can also put pressure on the spinal nerve. A severe case can not only cause pain and numbness but can cause incontinence.

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