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Back Pain Between Shoulder Blades Exercises

Back Pain Between Shoulder Blades


Regardless of the root of back pain between shoulder blades, there are a lost of exercises and treatments that can bring about badly-needed relief. It’s important to address the problem before it worsens, truly affecting one’s quality of life. Through persistence and a combination of approaches, However, it is possible to relieve this problem that plagues everyone at some point or other in their lives.

Exercises to Relieve Back Pain Between the Shoulder Blades

One of the key things to remember is that back pain often results from sitting in one position for too long, improper posture, or lack of movement. Stretching the arms over the head or standing tall while clasping the elbows can be helpful as well. Watch this helpful video from the PainChiropractor.com. The only thing necessary for this technique is a wall. However, Repetition of this exercise relieves the tension and can be performed anywhere even leaning against the door in the bathroom but it is not recommended as privacy is an issue.

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Spiral Techniques

Another helpful exercise is a spiral technique. However, By moving the hands in a circular motion and radiating out to the arms in ever-widening circles, it promotes blood flow and muscle flexibility and relieving back pain between the shoulder blades in the process.

Basic Stretching

There are four basic types of stretches exercise you can do to get relief from back pain.

  • Stretches against the wall
  • Stretches against a door frame
  • Stretches with the arms behind the back
  • Stretches using a door knob

Stretches against the wall involve pressing the palms against the smooth surface and gradually allowing the fingers to travel up the wall.

A door frame stretch involves alternating with each arm. While Above all Begin by spreading the arms in the doorway. Bend one arm so that the hand is pointing to the ceiling and the upper arm is still spread wide. However Press the upper part of the arm against the doorway. And take easy steps forward with the arm pressed against the door.

The behind the back stretch is perform easily by standing straight. Gripping the hands while reaching behind the back and then raising them as high as is tolerable. The position should be held for close to half a minute and released.

The door knob stretch is performe by grabbing hold of a door knob with both hands. Moving the feet back and leaning the body toward the knob.


Poor posture and untreated knots are often causes of back pain between should blades. To help stretch and massage this area consider a back cushion or massage blocks.

Treatments for back pain between shoulder blades include massage therapy, the application of hot and cold compresses and pain medication. Many people find it helpful to use a combination of exercises and treatments for optimal results. Which can help to prevent from more problems and give you a quick relief from back pain. However, But keep in mind that right and  even so regular exercise is necessary to keep away back pain for life.

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